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You hit the gym, load the bar and psych yourself up for a good workout. You focus and push, but suddenly feel an irritating ache as cold metal pushes into your skin. You know the difference between that satisfying burn and a concerning pain. Now instead of getting in the zone you’re worried about getting injured. You need is something that keeps you protected and stops those distracting aches and pains killing a good set. What you need is our new barbell pad with lifting straps!

Discover the comfort of soft padding and feel the relief of evenly distributed weight on your shoulders and hips.

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Get The Gains Without The Pain

  • Ultra-safe design
  • Super-comfortable
  • FREE eBook Included
  • Focus on the lift – not the pain!
  • Perfect for Squats, Hip Thrusts and Lunges
  • Reduce soreness and aches from bar pressure
  • Full Barbell Lifting Set with free safety and weightlifting straps

Why choose this over other barbell pads?

Because, unlike others, ours come with TWO sets of straps to help you to make the most of your gym time. The first are safety straps to ensure your pad stays attached, preventing accidents and injury. The second are weightlifting straps to give you an iron grip and take your workout to the next level.

How safe if this barbell pad to use?

Barbell pads are safe and many find doing hip thrusts without them painful! Those worrying about their pad slipping off mid-set can buy safe in the knowledge theirs comes with two FREE safety straps to keep it attached.

We’re confident this is the only barbell pad you’ll ever need. How confident? Enough to offer a gym-busting 60 day money back guarantee on each purchase!

You’ve got nothing to lose but those niggling workout pains, so ADD TO CART and buy today!

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